Business Membership

We are your partner in the future of Oelwein! We focus on the retention of existing businesses as well as the recruitment of new businesses and technical industries.


Your Public Relations Specialist

  • OCAD articles published in ODR
  • Ambassador visits and ribbon cuttings to celebrate a special event
  • Responds monthly to over 100 requests for community and relocation information
  • Newspaper & media coverage of monthly meetings and special events

Your Researcher

  • Up to date data on business trends, cost of living, population, taxes, and other information
  • Listing of community resources are available

Your Spokesperson

  • The business community is presented on issues involving state and local government

Your Receptionist

  • Community information is mailed and readily available on our site

Your Lobbyist

  • Local, state and federal laws and regulations are monitored for their effect on business
  • Coalitions are formed to advocate pro-business issues

Increased Credibility

  • OCAD membership gives customers assurance that the business is involved, making Oelwein a better place to live, work and play

Benefits of Belonging

Free Services

  • Membership lists and labels
  • Clubs and Organizations list
  • City Maps
  • Telephone Books
  • Maps
  • Free Conference Room usage
  • Link to OCAD web page through business listing


  • OCAD Staff
  • Fellow OCAD members
  • OCAD publications and directories

Networking Contacts

Publicity & Exposure

  • OCAD Member business guide
  • Oelwein Dollars good at any Oelwein business
  • Newspaper accounts of events
  • KOEL & ODR partnerships
  • Website & Facebook

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