Positively Oelwein

Positively Oelwein is a group of volunteers who live or work in Oelwein and have joined to help provide a positive attitude, positive activities and events, and to make Oelwein a place we are all proud of. They promote the betterment of our community and our residents, workforce and businesses.

Mission Statement

Positively Oelwein is a campaign to market our community to ourselves and to others. Our goal is to encourage each Oelwein resident, each business, and each organization to be a positive spokesperson for our community.

Events & Activities

The Positively Oelwein Committee sponsors a Daddy Daughter Dance each year on the first Saturday of May. The dance is for girls preschool - 5th grade and their male escorts (Dad, Uncle, Brother, Grandpa, Friend, etc.). Tickets are sold for $5 for the daughters and $10 for the escorts.  The dance is held at the Oelwein Community Plaza and music for the evening is provided by a DJ. Prior to the dance, a Grand March is held in the Oelwein Mealsite room on the north end of the Plaza. The Grand March is open to anyone in the community at a cost of $2 per person. Pictures are available at the dance of the couples for $5 each for a 5x7. Each girl receives a gift at the end of the night. Cookies and lemonade are provided throughout the evening. This fun event is a fundraiser for the Positively Oelwein Committee. 

This project is held annually between the OCAD's Positively Oelwein and the Oelwein FFA Chapter. The beautiful hanging baskets adorn the downtown streets. Donations are taken to fund the project for sponsorship of the baskets. The sponsorships can be made in individual names, in the memory of a loved one or in a business name.

Held annually the first Saturday in October in the Oelwein Community Plaza. All boys between preschool and 5th grade are invited to attend with their mom, grandma, aunt, sister or any special lady in their life! DJ music, root beer floats, cookies and treats and a gift for every boy will add to the fun of the evening! 

Positively Oelwein is a sponsor for the Party in the Park series. The committee will have a table in the park during the event handing out brochures on the committee activities and selling chances to win a prize. 


This award will be given to someone that provides excellent customer service within a business, service or organization in Oelwein. This award is not for a business, but for individuals only. Presentation of the award will be done by a group of Positively Oelwein Committee members. When making a nomination, we will need the name of the person being nominated, the reason that person deserves the award, and the name of the person who is making the nomination.


This award will be given June - September to four Oelwein residential property owners, one in each quadrant, and one business in Oelwein. Properties can be nominated for beautiful landscaping, plantings, improvements, the overall beauty of the property, etc. The winning properties each month will have a "Spiffy" sign to have in their yard or business for the month they are the "Spiffy" winner. Name and address of the properties are needed to make this nomination.

The Positively Oelwein Committee is very excited about these programs and is asking the community to participate in making their properties look "spiffy" and portraying positive attitudes when at work and play! Nominations for the two awards are accepted from anyone by calling the OCAD Office at 319-283-1105 or sending an email to ocad@oelwein.com.

Positively Oelwein Prints

Positively Oelwein is taking orders for prints of local doors, windows, or mailboxes.

$85 - print, mounted & framed (black)

All proceeds will be used by the Positively Oelwein committee for community projects. To order a print, please call the OCAD office at 319-283-1105, send an email, or stop in and look at a framed sample.

11" x 30" Print of Local Doors
16" x 16" Print of Local Windows
16" x 20" Print of Local Mailboxes

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